"Where the work speaks for itself"

Labor of Love

To restore a redwood deck is a labor of love to the truest extent for me. It guides us back to a time gone by when craftsmen did something unique. To create, craft and explore the beauty of each individual piece of wood. To understand where it is from, the age in which it was carefully cut, milled and shipped to its final destination, waiting on a craftsman to imagine what it could be and how to exploit its beauty. Let's take a look at a very special project from the fall of 2019 to help us understand what we are initially looking for and if we can possibly breath life back into this majestic wood from a bygone era.

First we have to find out the type of wood we are working with. To help us, redwood has some very unique characteristics. The Redwood tree can live to be 2,000 years and grow to a height of 280- 340 feet tall. The tannins in the wood are resistant to mildew, rot, bugs and diseases that would harm the tree, helping it to acquire it massive growth and longevity. The ancient wood started out over 100 million years ago when dinosaurs walked the earth and has been given the name Sequioa or Sempervirens, the latin meaning of which 'forever living'. Redwood is getting more and more rare these days so saving, restoring and extending its life is of great importance and a great opportunity to appreciate mother natures gift to us for years to come.