"Where the work speaks for itself"


Contact me for a free on site quote. I help you design your project with attention to detail on how you use your backyard. My rates are very reasonable and I take my time to make sure you get the most for your money.

Most importantly, I stay on budget. PERIOD.  Ever order a service or product and be given a "set price" only to find out that it will end up costing you more? I pride myself on staying within your budget and will tell you upfront what I can and cannot do. I always tell my customers that other guys know you are only going to build once, so they feel they must make as much money as they can off of you. This never made sense to me because they would make alot more money by having customers that are extremely satisfied and call you back for other projects. My business relies on repeat customers.

Prices for a metal patio cover can start at $950 and $850 for a pergola depending on size and materials. I charge a flat rate for labor. It is based on a ratio of labor to materials. (The more material, the more labor is involved) I never charged an hourly rate. This way I can take the time needed to do the job right and rushing a job has no advantage for me. I take the time it needs to get it done right. Feedback from my customers say they love it!


Licensed and insured-RCT-32256