"Where the work speaks for itself"

Not your grandpa's sheet metal....

         More often than not, when a customer approaches their H.O.A. and mentions the words 'sheet metal', they get an instant reply of 'No!' from them.  Well I am here to help. The title is right in what it states or rather the new modern day sheet metal is VASTLY different from the old corrugated tin metal that our grandfathers used in the old days. This, I am sure, is what every H.O.A. thinks of when they hear those words.

         Modern day sheet metal is crafted and painted in a climate control environment to give it a durable long lasting appearance, and a 25 year warranty on the paint, 50 year warranty on the metal! The roof and the ceiling can be one in the same using half of the lumber as a shingled roof, and is much faster to install. Couple that with a nice bright glossy white underneath and one of as many as 25 different colors for the top side. A sheet metal roof can cost 45-50% less than the same size shingled roof.

         Some of the new designs of sheet metal even mimic slate, spanish tile or wood shakes. You can requests that your H.O.A. members visit the local showroom where they can get an up to date tour of the latest in sheet metal designs, colors and warranties.