"Where the work speaks for itself"

Your next project-

            A project can be rewarding if done right and discouraging if you have problems.  Sometimes though, an idea can really begin to take shape with the right planning and a little vision. There are all kind of magazines, books, photographs and, of course, the internet for ideas. Don't be afraid to look around for ideas and then cut them out of a magazine and paste them in your "project scrapbook".

 Also think how you will use your new deck or patio. Is it for privacy or family BBQs? Will you be entertain friends from work or spending time with the kids? My Dad always told me to build for functionality first and then looks second. Once you have a sound foundation you can build upon it and work in the fine detailing later. A theme always helps. Check out the following, whether you love to cook or want to relax with friends -


Window pergolas

How about adding a window pergola to spruce things up?