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A Project in the Mountains

Last fall I had the wonderful opportunity to work in up north  on a covered deck project that proved to be a real challenge. I thought I would take some time to share this with you and describe some of the design and building challenges that I faced while working in one of the most beautiful places in Idaho.

  It all started when one of my customers put me in contact with his friend Todd. Todd explained that he had a challenging project in the mountains and asked if I would be interested in going up there for a couple of weeks (6 to be exact) and try to get it done before the snowfall. I jumped at the chance.

  First I had to remove an old wooden deck that was full of rot and had a very unsafe railing. We wanted to try and save as much of the old deck as possible but after seeing how it was built, it became obvious to me that we would have to start with an entirely new foundation.

   First came some demolition-


 And then a new foundation-


 And along the way there were a few small surprises I didn't expect.


  After my new campsite friend decided to stick around and watch me work, we both hung closer to the fire every day as the first snows in the mountains were coming fast and the temperatures started to drop. I soon knew I needed a little help from my friends.


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