"Where the work speaks for itself"

Creating usable space

A backyard can really change with the proper planning and a little vision. It is up to you as to how you wish to utilize this space and create the look you want. I like to build for functionality first, then looks will come later. Many customers spend a lot of time trying to match the color of their house. Although this can be good at times, it also is creative to try and "compliment"  the home by using colors that are not an exact match to the paint, but rather add to the look or "feel " of what goal you have in mind.

 This backyard makeover really added to the look of the home using "complimentary colors".

Making the change

Now this is a usable space! Friends and family will enjoy this backyard for years to come with barbecues or just a quiet evening outside.

My customers chose to accentuate the colors of their home and wanted the look and feel of natural wood while preserving their investment with quality Cabot stain in light oak.

This will also add to the value of their home as an improvement yet they can enjoy their investment in the mean time!

This couple were a joy to work with and their input was invaluable. Thanks guys.