"Where the work speaks for itself"

About Me

I have been doing carpentry work since 1981. In that time I have worked in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington and Idaho. I have built many projects and I have fixed projects for homeowners. My greatest joy are decks, pole buildings and patio covers.

I take great pride in sitting down with my customers and discussing what there needs are. Most contractors just want paid fast and then to move on. I know I need steady customers and therefore I have to work 3 or 4 times harder than the next guy to make sure they are happy with the results.

It is important to me to know where the customer is heading with their projects, so I can help them accomplish their long term goals. I build with quality in mind and attention to detail. many of my customers call me back every year for their next project and we build on what was accomplished the year before.

And yes, it may take me a little longer than the next guy to complete your job, but I take pride in that and see it as a good thing. I take the time it needs to get it right!

Here are some other things I take my time on------