"Where the work speaks for itself"

Welcome to the place for the only true "square deal". Feel free to browse through the photo gallery for ideas for your next project! 

 I offer full services including design help, layout and technical support if you want to do the project yourself. I can build you a deck, porch, patio cover, pergolas or pole building.

Have questions?

Contact me with your questions, I can help!

        There are many of you out there who want to start a project or have been putting one off because you just were not sure where to start. Or maybe you don't want to "get stuck" halfway through. Relax! You now have a place to go to get your questions answered. I provide project support by helping you plan, layout, and design your project.

 For a modest fee, I can be your professional support team! I will make sure you have a proper material list and the knowledge to feel comfortable with your project. From  decks, patio, porches, pergolas, garages, pole buildings,and many other projects that you might have.


Or metal styles


Full Length Pergolas

Custom Pergolas